Ella´s Kitchen go’ grøt

Det er hel enkel måltid for den lille, under 15 sec i mikronen og den er klar for servering

Den kommer ut i to smaker bringebær og banan, Eple og blåbær.

Lille gutt smakte på begge to og syntes den var veldig god. men mamma derimot må innrømme at det ikke helt var noe bra smak.

lillegutt slukte hele posen uten å lage en grimase. 15542288_10154017065591496_1424357024783596022_n

den var enkel og grei,L klarte å bra å spise fra den, holde den, men ble mye søl når han skulle spise av den selv. gøy å trykke alt ut på en gang!

How to warm it up  Youtube

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New phat in life That I never tough I would go! / Ny rettning i livet, som jeg egenlig ikke skulle gå

After 30 years one would think that the philosophy of life would be final for a  girl like me. I have become more mature, but I have taken care of the values ​​I put high on the list. Until now! “I do not need to go kids!”, I meant once … now this whole setting has been chanced , “Naturally, I  want children.”

What has really changed since I suddenly see that having children is a positive thing? Seeing my friends have children, was not that got me to thinking about it, nor see other walk around with kids whining,  so cute wrapped in silk clothes and funny teddy bears flapping around, the  baby carriage.

But the more I think about, I see that I have changed other aspects too. I’m not as restless as before, I feel no compulsion to move, just for a change around me. Although I want to dye my hair once in a while. But there ​​no urge to replace acquaintances with new surroundings and uncertain future. Like before.

(Which is a bit scary, as I basically is restless, need things happening around me and more action ….. )


Certain describing it to be an adult with a word, it becomes; “Wait!” Regardless of the smallest happening to the big day. It is the way to becoming an adult. I bet there are a thousand other descriptions, as if you could describe this better please leave a comment in this blog.

4 years ago!

When I met my boyfriend, the whole world was different. I moved back to Norway, and moved to  Sandefjord. He changed not only my world, but he has gradually learned the advantages of being in the same place over time. This has really made an impression onme,  I actually lived here for 4 years;)


In the last year we have also made the big step, we have decided to have children …. and it is not only to get one,, when you need help from doctors to get Pregnant  ..More to come ….!

The end

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