The New year

Every year, i write a memory blog to myself what happen in the year that was?

the last year have been painful both economic and to set everything on hold. Waiting for better time to come. I have some good memory`s from this year .



My  oldest filly was on the track twice to race, and she did great both time. My youngest filly did not have a great start on last year, but she got back to her sister, and been living life this last year as a horse and she had really fun.


My Photo book have not been any progress this year since my camera lens need to be chanced. I have missed this option to shoot pictures on days when life are gray, and I have no where to hide…. but I got some picture (really bad) from my phone this year and here it is;)


I do have got true my driving Test Exam, this one was a big deal to. Hard it was to remember something so boring as drivings rules and how to XXX… But i am all don;))

Big chances, but still no light in …

The past year, haven only been hard for me or my family but also on my friends and they`s  family.  This last year have been hard for many people around the world. I have no reason to weep, I have my family, my boyfriend my horses, dog and cats and last I have the best friends a person can wise for.


I have learn allot this last year.  about my self and about others, I have been working allot on the sea, and i know where I have all my lines…. that`s is new;P






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