Wednesday Morning.

It can be that this morning, is special for many, it can be that u are still all sleeping in our warm bed this Wednesday morning. It may be that you are still in your REM Dream, the last seconds before your alarms is going, but still in your dreams, warm and all Sleepy. 

That sounded like me for two hours ago. I have made me coffee, cleaning a little around the house. Finally I can sit down and relax a moment. I have to say that My Own REM dream was one of the kind.  I always dream in my REM D. and often I do remember them. When I need 10 min, to clear my head after a dream, then it made a impression. I did not woke of the dream, I only remember the dream to good. the smells, the team, the faces and the Dialog.  

There more to life than dreams, but there also more to the dream than only a dream.   


Here we GO;

When I dream, I am often more than one in the dream. I have a real Connection whit one of the persons, but I have again a difference connection to the other person in the dream.  

I was this Girl whit that was in love whit this boy, He had the look, but He was also a some how difference than the  others. This we all new, So everyone was clearing the way, when he was on the walk.

I was a “freak” too, but that was my biggest secretariat, When i so this boy he was the loved one. Not that freak every one else so.

This is not a dream about love and affection, but it was a little part of it.   

We was on a trip to join the Nobel Peace Price in the mountain hotel, It was winter so all the winter activate was there.

It all start that I have power of the elements, but hide it from the others. I start to talk to this boy and we find each other really fast. When we are in the buss to the hotel I switch to another person, she and her girls friends are talking in codes. I am who is speaking the words like I know what I am speaking of, but I do not realize what i am speaking of before I get to the place. I see myself whit this boy, who are saying to me# This must be our plaza# Than the character I am in that moment turns around so I do not here what my own answer to the boy are.

The next moment, its dark out side and every one are in the great hall, the character and her friend are going out in the cold and in to the barrens. The gather the forces and to twins of Goddess stand in the front. The one gets a command and before I know It she is gone, the other one falls back in to the darkness… The two girls smiles and go back to the hotel.

From there a Fire starts, and I am back in my person. I had for some reason standing outside, only in my evening dress, middle of the night. I was playing whit my powers. When i So the fire. I head there and got the flames out. Before People was there I was already gone, and back in to the other character, She was confused but Refiled. When the situation was over, the humans was going back to the hotel, and I was going a trip inn, I found something that looked like burned flesh, but it was shining blue, between the  ashes. I toke it whit me to my bedroom, and so to bed I was going.

The next morning, Everyone was going skiing, I was whit the boy all day talking and learning, he was open for his power, but I still hided it from him I tough.

in the middle of the day   I was on the ground  and back in this other character. They was back at the barren. The was calling for the twins but only the one showed up, the character I was walk over to the Goddess, got a silver spoon from her pocket and took a chump of the Goddess Skin. She made some commands, a Scream cud be heard from the mounters. And both of the girls smiled. The friend that was whit me, she looked at me and ask how we was going to get away from the goddess, and I told her that the fire yesterday was killing the first twin and that this night was going to end the next one. that was the reason she had taken a bit of her skin.

The night come, and the Girls was back in the barrens, the recall the the last twin, who was really mad, because her sister twin was gone. But after a second the Goddess was in fire and the Two Girls was far away from the place.

Suddenly I was back to this main character. She was on her way to the barrens to deliver her ski Equipment. She lower the flame whit her ice power, smoothing the place and recover the skin from the second twin. But the Girlfriend to my other character had run back because she had forgot something, and so me taking care of the flames, but she did not see that i had found the skin so, she left for telling everyone that I was A freak.

The boy I had been whit showed up whit a smile around his face, like he had new I cud do more than read and spell.  He wisper me some words in my ear, before I fall over. He chats me and take me back to my room, where he found the one burned skin in my desk and the other in my hand.

He looks at it as he knows what it is, and then he lock up my window, trow the bites together in this hands and say; Go out hunt on the one who did this, and then go back deep in to the Mauet, and stay there!  I Looked up my eyes to she what he did and a light was coming from his hands ….and then My alarm clock was going of.

my coffee are cold, and there is light outside my window, that means its time to start this day whit some breakfast and other routines;)


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